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Hackers set up ‘FREE’ Wi-Fi hotspots to steal users’ personal details

19 March 2018

It might be attractive to log into the first free public Wi-Fi hotspot that doesn’t require a password.  According to the latest NBC report, security experts warn that those free Wi-Fi hotspots might actually be run by hackers to steal your personal information, passwords, credit card details and browser history.

Expert said that dangerous free Wi-Fi hotspots are usually placed near world’s top tourist destinations. Expert recommends avoiding Wi-Fi hotspots with term FREE within the hotspot’s name.

In addition, hackers are using SSL stripping to capture user information. SSL stripping is a method that allows hacker to downgrade HTTPS (secured URLs) to non-secure HTTP URLs.

So, what’s are the best recommendation to stay safe while using free Wi-Fi hotspots?

  1. Don’t join free Wi-Fi networks unless you can trust them
  2. Keep your Operational System and browsers up to date
  3. Use secure connections to websites – HTTPS or SSL only
  4. Disable Wi-Fi connection when you aren’t using it
  5. Use a VPN

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