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Why Use VPN for Torrenting?

20 March 2021

What is torrenting and why should you use a VPN for it?

In computer terms, a torrent refers to a method of sharing large files like software, music movies over a peer-to-peer system. The sender breaks down the file into little pieces called packets and sends them over the network. Depending on the size of the network and even whether they are being sent over the Internet, the packets can take many different routes to get to their destination. Then, when the packets reach their destination, they are reassembled into the original file.

VPN protects your data by encrypting it and also creating a tunnel over the Internet for the data to pass through. Using an anonymous VPN is a way to protect files sent over a network using the Bittorrent network.

How to choose the best VPN for Torrents?

If you are considering using a third-party or free VPN, you should naturally be careful and do your homework because some VPN providers are better and more secure than others (read free vs paid VPNs). Look for reviews of different VPN services from trusted sources. But, because VPN uses the two-step approach of encrypting plus tunneling, it is generally considered one of the most secure ways of sending data over a network or the Internet.

10 Features of the Best VPN for Torrenting:

Can VPN be used for illegal activity?

Wouldn't Torrent VPNs be used for illegal activity, for example - sharing illegal music or movie downloads?

It's certainly possible, and a court order could force VPN providers to fork over any records they might have. Anonymous VPN with a zero-log policy located under offshore jurisdiction is not able to provide any logs of user activity to third-parties because anonymous VPN doesn’t record user activity. However, this is not a reason to violate copyright laws.

Can VPN prevent ISP from tracking your online activity?

You've probably heard the story of the person who received 144 warning letters from ISP and you probably remember that kid who got sued for some illegal music he downloaded. They could have been totally innocent misunderstandings and are a good reason why you have to use a VPN for any legitimate downloads. The files are basically redirected through the VPN servers, encrypted, and tunneled to your computer in a way that keeps your ISP from seeing what it is you're downloading.

Be sure to respect copyright laws when downloading anything! Copyright laws exist to help your favorite artists, authors, and musicians make a living.

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