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Australia VPN Service

Get a VPN in Australia to prevent your ISP
from tracking your online activity

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Protect Yourself from Surveillance

Australian Data Retention Act requires ISPs and mobile network operators to store your metadata for two years. With a VPN your internet activity is hidden from your Internet Service Provider. Your browsing is safe and totally anonymous


Browse Web Anonymously

Trust.Zone VPN provides internet users in Australia with complete anonymity. Your IP address and location is hidden. Your traffic is encrypted. Surf online anonymously - download any files, access audio and video streaming services

With a VPN in Australia you protect yourself from hackers, get access to any content, pay less online taxes (legally!), download files anonymously. Google, Facebook and third party services cannot spy on you, collect your data and track your online behavior

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Protect your Privacy online

Browse Web Anonymously

Stop your ISP from spying on You

Why use Trust.Zone VPN in Australia

Trust.Zone VPN Client for Windows

Right to privacy from surveillanceVPN stops your Internet Service Provider from logging your online activity

Complete anonymityYour IP address is replaced with Trust.Zone IP VPN server IP, your traffic is encrypted

Get more streaming contentAccess streaming content which is not available for Australia

Accessing Australia-only content from abroadUnblock TV, media and local streaming services when you are travelling abroad

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